Monday, 27 July 2009


July is always a tough month for me, Sad anniverseries, and as much as time is supposed to heal, I find as the time passes, each year is harder :(

It is always a busy month too, as these photos show...
Lots of making (nothing new there...!)
Sports Day...Winning the most fantastic package from Catherine @ Mollycupcakes (thankyou Soooo much hon, lovely lovely lovely (!) and well timed to brighten a tough week xxx)(look at the cheeky munchkin trying to eat one of your cupcakes!!!)Little Miss as a Polar bear (why do I always get the challenging costumes to make?!!) in her Year 2 leaver's performance...Teacher's present, she had been in Foxes class...Eldest's birthday...Husband said there was a heatwave predicted for this week, don't know where he saw that, it's freezing here today!! Right, must crack on, am child free today and have a to do list that is neverending (keep getting distracted by the computer though...!!)

xxx Steph


  1. Thank you for popping to my blog, I'm so sorry your sad, upsetting day for me tomorrow...we can think of each other...:>)

  2. Hello...thank you for your kind thoughts....
    I'm just doing bits here and there to cheer myself along, went out with my Mum today, but when we got back my Dad had had to go to Hospital....he is out now, high potassium....?
    He seems ok...
    But I got very upset and worried, so have come on here to take my mind of it all...xx