Tuesday, 31 March 2009

How tomorrow turned into a week...

I seem to keep saying this, but where did that go?... SO much to do and not quite enough time (not alone there I know!)

So, this past week has consisted of lots of sewing (nothing new there!), throwing a baby shower/coffee morning for one of the Mums at nursery (and therefore cleaning & tidying the house!), and little munchkin's Star Wars obsession growing daily. We have to wrestle him out of his dressing up outfits for bed each night!!

I also received my heart swap parcel from the lovely Taz (Ratbag). This is what she sent me:Lots of fab goodies... A cute decorated little birdhouse, a heart shaped cushion that she embellished with buttons (I'm sure I had the same cushion on my bed when I was younger, now Little Miss has it on hers!), a long necklace of wooden hearts, a pretty turquoise heart necklace, a great felt & button heart brooch (am wearing it now), heart post it notes, 2 beaded hearts and lots of sweeties!!! Love it all, thank you! Thanks also to Catherine of Mollycupcakes for arranging the swap xxxThis is what I sent her, I had read on her blog about her tattoos, so thought the fabric was appropriate for her!! I'm pleased to report she loved her parcel too!! We are partners again for the Easter/Spring swap, so I'm busy creating for that too... xThe following photos are from Little Misses Godfather's birthday party, his lovely girlfriend invited us to lunch to surprise him and got the little people to help make cupcakes for his birthday cake...
Ooooo, look at those colours...!!! Much fun had by all!!My Mother's Day flowers from the Little Munchkin...

A blanket for baby Pearl using CK London fabric (I had asked in store if they were going to sell the fabric and was told only oilcloth could be purchased, then found it for sale on good old ebay!), and a garland for Rory...And finally, today's Easter service in Church...Roll on the Easter holidays...

xxx Steph


  1. Lovely swap goodies, I was a bit late to enter that swap, but I'm sure there will be many more I can take part in. The weeks flying away here to I blame that bloomin missing hour. :o)

  2. The weeks are indeed flying in fast! Your swap parcels were lovely - I have still to join in with a swap so will need to look out for the next one. Hope you enjoy your Easter holidays:O)

  3. What a wonderful swap, so many pretties. I adore the garland, Mmmmm now how would I go about making that, Looks hard, I need easy crafts ;)

    Thank you for your lovely words, well it is kind of looking like it may not be on the household insurance, not totally up on all the paperwork and how it all works really, a DH thing, far too dull for me bills and paperwork, I love pretties and tea and cake ;)

    I keep putting it off thinking it shall turn up, it goes so beautifully with my wedding ring and was made especially for it.

    Take care and glad you managed to get a lovely ring.


  4. We picked up an Ikea Family card yesterday so of course we had to go for the obligatory coffee and cake ;)
    I received your parcel today sweetie, THANK YOU so much everything is gorgeous. Your parcel will be in the post come Friday, just waiting on something drying ;)

  5. Hi Madmummy, Thankyou sooooo much for the lovely easter gift you sent me. I wasn't expecting such a cute gift in the post. It really made my day. It will adorn my Easter table. So very sweet of you. I'm glad you enjoyed the Easter Swap. Have a lovely Easter, ((((hugs)))) Pixie. xxx