Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Isn't it nice to see glimpses of Spring, beautiful flowers appearing in the garden and fresh, crisp days...

I've been busy getting back to normal now little one is back at nursery (boy, that was a long 2 weeks!) and am excited to be taking part in 2 swaps, so lots more creativity is on the cards for me!

Some of the things I have made over the past month:

Must dash now to pick up little miss from school...

xxx S


  1. Oh I do love your bag! Are you in the heart swap? Me too, my first! Very excited! xx

  2. Thank you for the birthday wishes and the night was brilliant ...i am going to do a proper blog post later !!

    I love your cake stand filled up with lovelyness , i have a pink one that i take to fairs with me !!

    Sara x

  3. Thanks for your comment, the heart swap is well under way now...what about you, have you started/swapped yet? =) xx