Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Oh what fun we had...

It's over halfway through September and already we seemed to have crammed alot into the month! This is a busy time of year in our house, the youngest two have birthdays, and so do it seems alot of their friends!! Of course that means lots of parties, celebrating and making presents!!! And of course that also means cake making... Now, here in the mad house we are quite partial to baking, however when the requests are for a light sabre cake and a poodle cake, I have to say I was a little concerned with the challenge!! My Aunt is a fab cake decorator and was due to come and stay, however she had a bad turn and wasn't able to make the journey from Liverpool ,so having made promises to the children based on her help, I was daunted at flying solo!! I had also made the mistake of showing the little munchkin a picture on the very clever April's blog of a light sabre cake she had made, so that is what he had his heart set on!! Thanks for the tips April!! As you can see below, it turned out quite well...
And finally I shall leave you with a picture of the Birthday boy with his Daddy, with a birthday rainbow sent from Heaven with love... A perfect end to his perfect 4th Birthday...

xxx Steph


  1. Hiya!
    I just love the poodle cake....thats fab!

  2. Hi
    I think you did a fab job with the cakes, especially having to do two. I love the poodle one especially as its nice and girly.
    x Dom

  3. Looks great! Well done!

    April xx