Friday, 2 April 2010

Happy Easter...

When looking for some "special" fabric, something different to the material I usually use for all my baby blankets, I came across Saints and Pinners Here I found a fantastic selection of fabric, excellent customer service and speedy delivery, what more could a girl ask for!!

William's Gift - Blanket and Initial T Shirt...
Coordinating Blankets for the Twins... Bags...An outfit for a little girl's 1st Birthday...
A Quilt...And finally, last Saturday we were encouraged to turn off all lights for an hour in the evening, so to promote this at school, we had "turn out a light, wear something bright!" mufti day!!Wishing you all a very Happy Easter, we are off on Easter Sunday, on an aeroplane, to search for the Sun and to catch up with friends, wish us luck ;0)
x Steph

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  1. I'm going to check out the site, I've been making bags and T shirts too !
    Have a lovely easter break
    Louise x