Sunday, 16 May 2010

Holiday, Volcanic Ash & a Computer Virus...

Oh, what a month... April turned out to be even more fabulous than we hoped, what with a wonderful trip across the Ocean to catch up with friends. We packed lots into our two week holiday which then turned into three and a half weeks due to the Volcanic Ash!!!

As you can see, there was much brother burying on trips to the beach...

trips on boats...

free tickets to Busch Gardens for stranded passengers ;0)

double Birthday celebrations (hubby and my Birthday on the same day!)

And a little bit of homework, a 3d cat (which we were very proud of!!)

Then almost as soon as we had got home and turned on the laptop, we were invaded with a nasty computer virus :0( Luckily that enabled lots of sewing time (ie I couldn't be distracted!!), and now life is slowly returning to normal (whatever that is...!!)
x Steph


  1. Hey Steph. Thanks so much for your comment - what a shame you can't make it. Yes, I've got a stall for it and am currently in panic mode. Complete panic! It's tomorrow night, as you know - I'm frankly all of a tizz as I don't really do fairs and the display practise is driving me mad. Love your pics... you obviously had a terrific time. It's kind of you to offer to donate some things, though it may be too late to meet to collect. Caroline xx

  2. Hello lovely lady, I got the most amazing parcel yesterday. Thank you so very much, it is all beautiful.
    I love the sign it will be hanging up somewhere next Saturday.
    And I'll keep the t-shirt and surprise Ben on friday night lol he will laugh and probable insist i wear it at all times lol
    Looking forward to seeing you next week.
    Glad you're all back safe and sound.
    Much love,
    Catherine x